Spirit of Life, Universal Spirit of Love, guide us in our work to help protect and preserve the glorious Creation that you have given us, which sustains us and all life on this Earth.


Do you have reason to believe that your health or the health of your family is being adversely affected by oil/gas operations in your vicinity, including by drilling, fracking waste injection, compressor stations, condensate tanks, pipelines, etc.?  

MAY 5 - Governor Candidates Forum

at the North Olmsted Library,
27403 Lorain Rd., North Olmsted, OH

At least two and possibly three of the candidates for Governor of Ohio have accepted our invitation to appear, including
Dennis Kucinich & Connie-Gaddell-Newton.

Noon: Lunch
1 PM: Governor Candidates Forum

   RSVP TO: factohio@gmail.com

N Olmsted Lib.png

North Olmsted Library, 27403 Lorain Rd., N. Olmsted


Who We Are

We are individuals from Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, and other faith communities from 16 counties in Ohio, three in West Virginia, and some locations in Pennsylvania.  We are working together to protect the natural order of this earth which sustains us all.

Our Vision

We envision an Ohio where clean, renewable energy is safely produced and where fossil fuels are used only in a limited way as a transitional source of energy until all energy is supplied by clean, renewable sources, which we believe is possible by 2050, following the plan offered by thesolutionsproject.org

Any extraction, processing, transport or transmission of hydrocarbons must be done in the safest possible manner under the guidelines of thorough and appropriate regulations that are rigorously enforced so that the rights of workers, landowners, and the community are honored and respected.

Finally, we envision an Ohio where citizens are educated and empowered to conserve energy, and where citizens value clean air and water, and uncontaminated soil.

How FaCT Carries Out its Mission


We develop programs and presentations as well as informational printouts that are used by FaCT participants to educate their own faith communities and the greater communities in which their places of worship are located.

Since conversation is often an effective means of educating, we seek to grow the number of FaCT participants and their respective faith communities, as they are best positioned to reach individuals with whom they have relationships.


We publish our positions on various issues at our website, on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FrackFreeCleveland/?fref=ts), via media releases, and in other media contacts; we thereby convey our positions advocating for changes in government structures and in laws that bear on these issues.

When called on, we assist concerned citizens in communities seeking to defend their water, air, and soil and the health and safety of their residents through the use of such tools as a community bill of rights.

We cooperate with other environmental organizations in public demonstrations against such destructive activities as fracking, toxic and radioactive fracking waste, and for the replacement of fossil fuels with conservation measures, community and personal lifestyle changes,  and with renewable energy sources such as wind, water, and sun.

We intervene, when asked by interested parties, in lease deliberations, especially those involving faith communities and their land or lands in their vicinity.


In all the work we do, we work together on an interfaith basis, each of us drawing on the ethical principles of our respective religious and spiritual traditions to preserve and protect the web of life of which we are all a part.  All our faith traditions teach that this earth is a gift that we must work to preserve and protect.  Faith communities represent strong and caring groups of individuals with the power to affect change. 

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