FaCT -Athens -

Catholic Peace and Justice Committee of Athens, OH

Athens, OH.   A number of members of FaCT-Athens have been working on the Athens County Community Bill of Rights Project.  Recently ballot petitions were turned in to the Athens County Board of Elections.  The campaign will now be under way to make sure the issue is approved by voters.

 Along with FaCT-Athens, there is an inter-faith coalition of groups working on environmental issues. 

FaCT-Athens has been conducting some parish-wide events around the Pope's encyclical Ladato Si , and has been reaching out to other groups and members of the community.

                                      Pope Francis

                                     Pope Francis

 Some members of FaCT-Athens who are affiliated with Ohio University are busy right now trying to stop a new gas pipeline they are putting in under the Hocking River to fuel the university's converted power plant.  

The University has decided to go off coal and convert to gas.  A coalition of faculty, students, and community members are  advocating for the University going to a higher percentage of renewables.  

 -reported by Joe McLaughlin, FaCT-Athens (Catholic Peace and Social Justice Committee of Athens)