The Ohio Health Registry

The Ohio Health Registry is gathering information about health related effects of the fracking industrial complex.  Registration is ongoing.  Please contact for more information.


OHR Speakers Bureau 

Perhaps your place of worship, your service organization, your local League of Women Voters chapter or other community group would like to have a formal presentation made to them about the Ohio Health Registry.  If you are interested, we can send an OHR presenter to a meeting in your community at no charge to give your organization a detailed overview of the Registry.  Please contact OHR at:  


What is the Ohio Health Registry ?

The Ohio Health Registry is a public health project organized to establish a data base containing a detailed health profile of individuals in Ohio who have reason to be concerned that their health is in the process of being compromised by oil/gas development in their region.  Reasons for concern can include proximity to oil/gas wells, especially hydraulically fractured deep shale wells as well as proximity to such infrastructure as pipelines, compressor stations, frack waste injection wells, storage facilities, condensate tanks or flowback wastewater ponds, etc.

 The purpose of the Ohio Health Registry is to establish a comprehensive health data base over an extended period of time which can be used by accredited public health and academic researchers to evaluate the impacts of shale development in Ohio on the health of residents living in proximity to such operations.  Personnel connected with the Registry will not be doing any of the research but only carefully collecting health data for use by qualified researchers. 

Benefits to registrants flowing from potential research based on collected data may include better allocation of public health resources to specific geographical areas, improved physician education and providing better tailored physician care to persons adversely affected by oil/gas operations, and by establishment of better public policy in limiting and/or regulating oil/gas operations in the state. 

We know that some Ohioans already have reported to their physicians that they believe that they are suffering from exposure to oil/gas operations in their vicinity.  Physicians are already treating individuals with symptoms that may have resulted from such exposures.  It is important to note that children, whose bodies are growing and developing, are more vulnerable than adults to such exposures, so children in your family may experience symptoms before you do.  If you observe this in your family, do not wait to enroll in the Registry. Consult your pediatrician or family physician, and report your concerns to him or her without delay.  You can follow up later with enrollment in the Registry.

The Ohio Health Registry will register persons who agree to fill out an initial comprehensive health assessment form with the help of OHR registrars in facilities within a reasonable distance of their homes. Registration will occur in various Ohio communities that include or are near to significant oil/gas development operations, mostly in eastern and southern Ohio. We hope Registrants will agree to update this information periodically so that the Registry can establish a profile of their health status as it may change over time.

The Ohio Health Registry is sponsored by FaCT-Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future (, an interfaith organization incorporated in the State of Ohio, which has been classified as a public charity with 501c3 tax-exempt status under IRS regulations. 

The Registry is staffed by volunteers, including physicians, nurses, psychologists, IT experts, and other professionals.  Registrars who help registrants establish health profiles in the data base receive appropriate training before they work with the system.  Privacy and security are of the highest importance and will be strictly maintained by Registry volunteers and directors.

The Ohio Health Registry is now just beginning its operations in the time frame of late 2016 and into early 2017.  It is important for residents who may be affected by oil/gas operations to register as soon as possible before oil/gas operations in Ohio expand so that the OHR may record the earliest possible health status baseline data for registrants. 

Persons who wish to register or who wish to find out more about the Ohio Health Registry, please contact the Ohio Health Registry by email at:

 You or groups of persons in your community may wish to arrange for a registration session in your vicinity.  In such case, it would be helpful if you can suggest a registration location—perhaps your church, a local library, or other type of meeting hall that could be made available to the Ohio Health Registry for a morning, afternoon, or evening registration period.  Please contact the OHR at: