Shocking Situation in Brookfield Twp., Trumbull Co.

Your Help Can make a Difference!

Will you please help us stop this insanity?

Will you please help us stop this insanity?

First, the citizens took on a first-of-its-kind legal action against the state of Ohio's permitting a fracking waste injection well right near where hundreds of people live and too near a known area of induced earthquake activity and in an abandoned coal mine region.  It is astonishing!

Now, the oil and gas company has intervened into the citizens' legal action against the state!  

The people must now face, in their legal appeal,  the resources of the state AND the oil and gas company, Highland Field Services, a subsidiary of Seneca Resources. Amazing!

So.........the citizens really need your financial help to keep their legal appeal going.  We can speak with a loud voice on behalf of all people living near oil and gas processes and infrastructure by keeping this legal action going.  We are grateful for any donation, large or small.
This injustice must stop now, and let it start at Brookfield. 

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Residents of Brookfield, Ohio and the surrounding area have been lawfully opposing five (yes,  five!) proposed toxic fracking waste injection wells planned to be constructed and operated way too near family homes, a stream,  businesses, and government buildings in a region that we believe is now man-made earthquake-prone and is an abandoned coal mine area. further details here

Gloria Douglas is a grandmother who has lived in her beloved Wyngate Manor home for 31years. Gloria calls it her “forever-home” because she can’t imagine ever having to leave the home she’s lovingly cared for and lived in all these years. Her home is in the top image (which is courtesy of Ted Auch, Great Lakes Program Coordinator, The Fractracker Alliance).