Seven Years of FaCT — a story of growth and maturation

Faith  Communities  Together  for  a  Sustainable  Future  first  gathered  in  the  summer  of  2011. Starting  out  with  50  attendees  at  its  first meeting  at  East  Shore  Unitarian  Universalist  Church  in  Kirtland, Ohio, FaCT has grown to include participants from more than 40 churches and other religious communities  in 16 Ohio counties and  a  few  in  West  Virginia.

The  organization  includes  a  large  and  active  chapter  based  at  West  Shore Unitarian Universalist  Church  in  Rocky  River,  Ohio  as  well  as  two  affiliates FaCT-OV  - Fact  of  the  Ohio  Valley,  based at  the  Unitarian  Universalist  Church  of  the Ohio  Valley  and  FaCT-Athens  based  at OU  in  Athens. Most  FaCT  members  carry out  the  FaCT  mission  in  their  own churches  and  communities  through environmental  committees  or  “green teams.”

In  2015,  the  organization  became  more formalized,  incorporating  as  a  non-profit  in  the  State  of  Ohio,  adopting  Mission and Vision  Statements,  drafting  By-Laws,  and  electing  its  first  Board  of  Directors.    

In  December  2016,  FaCT  was  granted  501c3  tax-exempt  status  by  the  IRS,  allowing  for  tax-exempt  donations  to  the  organization.

In  2015,  FaCT  began  its  Ohio  Health  Registry  Project  under  the  leadership  of  Dr.  Debbie  Cowden of Loudenville.

FaCT usually has five statewide meetings each year at rotating locations, mainly in eastern Ohio, the area of the state most heavily impacted by oil and gas drilling, especially by fracking.

The FaCT Board of Directors meet several times a year between general statewide meetings. There is usually one in-person Board meeting per year, with the other Board meetings conducted by video conference.

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FaCT-Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future is incorporated in the State of Ohio as a non-profit organization and is classified by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 tax exempt public charity. Under IRS rules, donations to FaCT are tax-deductible.