MEDIA RELEASE on Ohio's SB 250

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Cheryl Johncox, 740-360-0420 Teresa Mills, 614-507-5651,

Ohio Senate Votes to Limit Freedom of Speech

December 6, 2018 (Columbus, OH)- The Ohio Senate voted 23-5 to pass Substitute Senate Bill 250, legislation that is unnecessary and will limit Ohioans freedom of speech and assembly. Despite consistent opposition from organizations and citizens, the Senate Judiciary Committee reported the bill to the Senate floor today. The bill which seeks to severely limit the actions of concerned citizens and citizen watchdog groups, who would seek to hold corporate entities accountable for environmental, and property damages.

"Ironically, This vote comes just days after the publication of news that Energy Transfer Partners builder of Rover pipeline is responsible for 800 violation while building Rover and one other pipeline across Ohio and Pennsylvania. As well as, just a day after landowners filed suit against Enbridge's Nexus pipeline for breach of contract." Said Cheryl Johncox.

Teresa Mills, Executive Director for the Buckeye Environmental Network said; "Citizens still regard the bill as an infringement on their constitutional rights guaranteed under the First Amendment. The bill remains vague to the point that it would be a violation of the Chilling Effect doctrine, the Vagueness doctrine, and the Overbreadth doctrine; all of which are designed to protect our First Amendment Rights. Because the legislature continues to moving this bill forward, one would also have to ask if they themselves are in violation of the law."

Opposition efforts will move to defeat Substitute Senate Bill 250 in the Ohio House.