Contact Your State Rep to Oppose HB 114

We must urge our State Representatives to oppose HB 114.  This bill is another attempt to roll back Ohio's energy standards.    We Ohioans must do our part to protect the environment, counter global climate change, and support clean energy sources such as solar and wind.  These are rising industries in Ohio and can literally power Ohio's green energy future.  In rolling back our clean energy standards, HB 114 would take us down the wrong path. 

You can find contact information for your Ohio House Representative at:   On that web page, you merely type in your ZIP code, and you will then see your Representative’s email, phone, and mailing address.

Explain that as a member of a faith community and a faith community organization, you want everything done possible to protect the Creation that God has given us and that HB 114 takes us away from that path and should be voted down.

Experienced Statehouse staffers have pointed out that the most impactful thing a citizen can do in contacting our legislators is to visit them in person.  The second most impactful contact is via phone, and the third-most is by writing a letter, preferably a hand-written letter.  Fourth down on the list is email.

But if you can, why not use them all?  Contact your State House Rep. to urge him or her to oppose HB 114.  There is no companion bill in the Ohio Senate as of now.

-Ron Prosek