EPA Cuts Will Affect Ohio

The proposed cuts to the EPA by the Trump Administration will adversely affect Ohio and state-level EPAs all over the U.S.

The cuts will be both in federal personnel that support state environmental enforcement as well as money that goes directly to the states for such enforcement.

Our response should include visiting, phoning, and writing our senators and members of Congress to demand that they block these proposed cuts. 

If environmental enforcement is weakened as proposed, more children and adults will be sickened and will die.  Yes--be sickened and die.  Air, water, and soil pollution kill more Americans  every year than traffic accidents or gun violence or terrorism or just about anything else.  40,000 Americans die each year from air pollution alone.

We must all speak up now to stop outrageous cuts to EPA.  Even the most conservative politician has to realize that the most sacred duty of government is to protect the people, and EPA has a vital, indispensable role to play, a role that should not be diminished by reckless funding cuts.