Professor Jacobson's Plan for 53 Cities and Towns

In a new study entitled "Sustainable Cities and Society" Professor Mark Jacobson of the has presented a detailed plan to replace fossil-fueled energy with 100% clean and renewable Wind, Water, and Sunlight (WWS) in all sectors of the energy economy.

A few years ago, FaCT endorsed Jacobson's plan for each of the 50 states to convert to WWS.  Subsequently, the state of New York and California adopted significant parts of Jacobson's plan.

Now, in a new study, Jacobson zeroes in on 53 cities and towns in the U.S. , Canada, and Mexico to show how those localities can convert to 80% WWS by 2030 and 100% WWS energy by 2050. 

This is the Abstract of the study:

Towns and cities worldwide emit significant pollution and are also increasingly affected by pollution’s health and climate impacts. Local decision makers can alleviate these impacts by transitioning the energy they control to 100% clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency. This study develops roadmaps to transition 53 towns and cities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico to 100% wind, water, and sunlight (WWS) in all energy sectors by no later than 2050, with at least 80% by 2030. The roadmaps call for electrifying transportation and industrial heat; using electricity, solar heat, or geothermal heat for water and air heating in buildings; storing electricity, cold, heat, and hydrogen; and providing all electricity and heat with WWS. This full transition in the 53 towns and cities examined may reduce 2050 air pollution premature mortality by up to 7000 (1700-16,000)/yr, reduce global climate costs in 2050 by $393 (221–836) billion/yr (2015 USD), save each person ∼$133/yr in energy costs, and create ∼93,000 more permanent, full-time jobs than lost. 

The complete study can be found at: