Frack Waste and Planned Petrochemical Biggest Threats

According to a study published recently by FracTracker ( diminishing returns ) shale development in Ohio is using astonishing amounts of water in longer and longer laterals in unconventional wells to produce natural gas, and in the process is generating astonishing amounts of frack waste.  Much of this will be injected into Ohio’s 216 Class II injection wells, posing threats to ground water and potentially generating more earthquakes. 

Ohio also permits some frack waste to be spread on landfills without much regulation or monitoring.  Again, with landfill liners that leak and with landfill contents that leach into the ground, this will mean more threats to ground water, including from radioactive elements in the waste.  And, the General Assembly has a bill pending to liberalize the use of radioactive frack waste on roads and other surfaces from where this carcinogenic material will be aerosolized and breathed in by unsuspecting Ohioans.

The other big threat on the horizon is the planning for a massive petrochemical industry in the state, beginning along the Ohio River and involving NGL mining (ethane), ethane cracker plants, ethane pipelines, and plastics manufacturing plants.  These are all massive sources of air and water pollution.

Bottom line: Ohioans are facing threats to their health that are becoming increasingly more serious.  This in a state with a poor record of environmental regulation especially of the oil and gas mining industry and with a legislature where money from Big Oil and Gas rules.