Why Doesn’t Everyone Have Solar Power ?


Why we do not see more solar power installations? -- a compelling question.  Isn’t it odd to see so few solar installations on our daily journeys?  Isn’t it odd that countries with very low costs of living use many solar panels with the same advanced technology that we have?  Is this by chance?  Louis Pasteur observed, “Chance favors the prepared mind.”   What exactly does that mean for us when it comes to solar power? 

It is easy to get lost when trying to sort out questions about solar power.   But most of what we experience in the world is what nature teaches us.  Small incremental changes produce majestic results, be it grains of sand forming sand dunes or drops of rain water forming river torrents.  Sometimes we need to slow down and see the finite in the infinite.  That is true for solar power. Small packets of energy from the sun are cultivated by our immense creativity into electric power, its motive force provided to us without hesitation from an aging 4.6 billion year old yellow dwarf star. Isn’t that majestic?  Perhaps it is the simplicity and grandeur of solar power that we need to ponder until it is deep in our bones, so that it moves us to use this power for the good it will bring humankind.

The experiences and complexities in our daily lives hinder us when it comes to solar power.  This can feel like an experience untangling a badly backlashed ball of string.   The good news is someone has already mastered the way out of this discombobulation.   Clearing our minds for this simplicity of thought and seeking out the master is not always easy. That goes for solar power as well.  The master is in all of us, and anyone who has finished the race to a solar installation is now a master.  That of course came with help from other masters who crossed the finish line in front of us!

Some of us, the tiny grains of sand or rain water droplets, have found their way to fully embrace solar power. We are conscious of its beauty and its grandeur and sensitive to the mosaic it is creating.    We see it every time a ray of sunshine reveals itself, every time we pass a solar installation, every time we read an article on its up and rising chorus.  It is now a bubbling brook, a rising sand dune. Only we can stop it now, but it is too beautiful to ignore. It is too good for humanity to not feel its nourishment, and it will never leave our consciousness as our creative genius seeks a more beautiful world.  

                                                                                               -Dan Philipps