Law Enforcement Enlisted Against Line 3 Opponents

According to a report by The Intercept, there is apparently some effort to assemble a combination of private security and public law enforcement resources to disrupt potential protests against the Line 3 Pipeline in Minnesota, a project of the Canada-based Enbridge energy company.  If constructed, Line 3 would pass through the territories of several Ojibwe bands in the northern part of the state.

Documents obtained via a FOI request reveal that law enforcement is anxious about the prospect of protests against Line 3, fearing a repeat of the resistance at Standing Rock in North Dakota.  Does this presage a repeat of the use of water cannons, rubber bullets, armored personnel carriers, sound cannons, and attack dogs against peaceful and unarmed protesters?

For those concerned about First Amendment rights, as all of us should be, this looming threat of a public-private partnership on behalf of a private corporation is certainly alarming.

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